One of a Kind

One of the President’s Club’s newest members, UM senior Aidan McWhinney, carries the distinction of being the only student in the Club.

McWhinney, a third generation Grizzly, has always had a dedication to the University because it’s her family school.  A native of Sausalito, CA, she loves the people in Montana, the beauty of the campus and the school spirit.

“I came to UM because it was my dream school,” McWhinney says.  “I fell in love with the campus as a little girl when I would come with my family for homecoming.”

She believes it’s really important to get involved while attending because students know exactly what needs to be improved or changed.  As a student you can see the benefits of donations first hand.

McWhinney is studying cultural anthropology.  During her sophomore year she took a course called Myths, Magic, and Folklore, and she never looked back – she knew anthropology was for her.

“I think that the teachers at the University really add to the anthropological experience and make it even more exciting to learn about,” McWhinney says.

Although McWhinney has only been in Montana for a short period of time, she wanted to get involved with the campus community.  Part of this began when she started attending President’s Club events with her mother, Debby McWhinney, long before she was a student, and loved the people she met.

“These are all the people who want to do everything in their power to make UM the best place possible and I have a lot of respect for that,” McWhinney says.

While she understands the financial burdens many college students face, she says students don’t have to donate their entire paycheck to make a difference.

“Twenty dollars can buy a new book for the library, $40 can buy equipment for sports or theater,” McWhinney says.

Following her graduation she hopes to get involved in a non-profit organization in San Francisco.

“If all else fails, I can always become an astronaut,” McWhinney says.