Global Leadership Initiative

Addressing the world's pressing challenges and opportunities

The Global Leadership Initiative embodies the kind of education UM strives to provide for students and is a key component of UM’s strategic plan, UM 2020: Building a University for the Global Century.

The GLI encourages students to think beyond the boundaries of their majors and broaden their leadership potential. Global Leadership Fellows first come together as freshmen for small, interdisciplinary seminars on issues facing Montana and the world. They end their college experience with a team project that addresses a global societal challenge such as sustainability, health care or economic stability.

The fellows become engaged with the world while studying in the heart of Montana. They have the opportunity to study abroad — or simply to get beyond campus into the community — to further their development. By participating in this signature program, they graduate ready to lead in today’s interconnected world.

Funding for the GLI comes primarily from private sources. Gifts from alumni and friends provide stipends for students for their experiences beyond the classroom — activities like studying abroad, internships or research projects. The stipends level the playing field by making it possible for students with limited means to participate in these exciting opportunities.

Becky Short

Becky Short, of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, says her freshman GLI seminar changed the way she looks at the world. And it changed her course of study. She started as a psychology major. Now, she has added human genetics and health.

“If you expose yourself to the problems in the world, rather than just what’s going on with your life, it inspires you to do something.”
-Becky Short, Psychology, Human Genetics and Health ‘15

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