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Recent Graduates

When you give to the University, you are investing in world-class instruction, research and programs that make UM an exceptional institution. Having the University of Montana on a resume is a sign of an exceptional education and each gift strengthens your degree by ensuring UM’s ability to provide excellent education.

You may wonder if you can afford to give to UM. Giving what you are able is a great place to start. The combined support of thousands of alumni provides opportunities for the next generation of students. Becoming a donor means joining a community of people committed to the excellence of UM. Grizzlies all over the world share a commitment to this goal and to helping each other and future Grizzlies achieve success.

Learn about one of our giving societies, the Grizzly GOLD Society, established specifically for recent graduates.

You can make your gift online, or by calling 800.443.2593.

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Find out if your gift will be matched by your and/or your spouse’s company here:


For more information, contact Tara Vinson, Associate Director.

Tara Vinson