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Students connect with alumni, parents and friends every fall and spring as part of the University of Montana Foundation Phonathon. The Phonathon callers are an important part of the team working to increase support for UM.

Students know all about the many giving opportunities at the University. They give alumni and friends the choice to donate to their favorite school, college or program, or make an unrestricted gift through the Excellence Fund.

Phonathon team members also provide information about the University and current events, answer questions, and address any comments or concerns. They also ask alumni and friends for updates on their careers and contact information.

Last year, alumni, parents and friends responded to student callers with more than $200,000 in pledges and gifts.

To apply for a phonathon position, check out our employment opportunities.


To make a gift through the phonathon program today, please complete the form below.


For more information, contact Molly Adamson, Call Center Manager.

Molly Adamson