Dec 17 2012


From rigorous academics to a vibrant learning atmosphere, nothing compares to the experience of attending The University of Montana. Alumni say they want today’s high school seniors to have the same opportunity they had to learn in this inspiring place. The UM Foundation is asking all University supporters to get involved in ensuring this year’s high school seniors are inspired to enroll next fall.

“Student recruitment is a highly competitive business and universities across the country keep raising the stakes,” said Royce Engstrom, president of The University of Montana. “We are intent on leveling the playing field for recruiting today’s talented high school seniors.”

Support from donors will provide more financial aid to this year’s seniors. The financial aid awards will depend on how much is donated in the next two months.

“The goal is to ensure every student who wants to attend UM this fall has financial support,” Engstrom said.

Zach Brown, a senior from Bozeman, is an example of a student recruited by UM through a competitive scholarship package. Brown spends much of his time working to improve the University as president of the Associated Students of UM. He also has added to the University’s prestige by winning two national scholarships, the Truman and Udall scholarships.

“Scholarships, and the donors who funded them, allowed me to focus on my studies and to give back to the University,” Brown said. “They impacted the framework of my education. More than that, they changed my life.”

Contributions may be made online at or by sending a check to The University of Montana Foundation, P.O. Box 7159, Missoula, MT 59807-7159. Those who wish to discuss a gift over the phone may call 800.443.2593 or 406.243.2593.