Sep 03 2010


Community leaders will rally around The University of Montana for both football and financial support Saturday, Sept. 4.

Volunteers for the University's 2010 Missoula Business Drive will attend a brunch hosted by UM President George M. Dennison and his wife, Jane, before the Grizzlies host the Western State College Mountaineers in their season opener at 1 p.m. in Washington-Grizzly Stadium. The brunch is one of several events hosted by UM for Missoula Business Drive volunteers, who plan to raise $180,000 to benefit the University between now and November.

Led by 2010 Chair Adele Gibbs of Dalpiaz Law Office, the campaign provides resources for UM to seize new opportunities and offer additional programs for students throughout the state. Volunteers began the annual fundraising campaign in 1978 in conjunction with the UM Foundation as a way to strengthen the bond between the business community and the University.  Decades later, their vision endures, with hundreds of businesses contributing to the future of UM each year.

"Considering that the annual economic impact of The University of Montana on Missoula tops $250 million, participating in the UM Foundation Missoula Business Drive is a solid investment," Gibbs said.

This year's campaign theme, "Look to the Future, Missoula," emphasizes the important partnership between UM and the community.  Citing statistical data from the Bureau of Business and Economic Research's recent economic impact report, the drive reiterates that a prosperous UM benefits Montana.

"The partnership between The University of Montana and the Missoula business community serves all stakeholders well and enables the University to sustain its ongoing effort to educate students, reach out to the community and develop the new knowledge essential to a great society," Dennison said.

For more information, call Lauren Clark, UM Foundation director of annual giving – external campaigns, at 406.243.2456.