Impact of Support

A Commitment to Montana

The University of Montana School of Law received the largest outright gift in its history this February – $800, 000 from Alexander “Zander” Blewett III and his wife, Andy. Their gift has created the Blewett Scholars Fund, which supports law students who have earned a bachelor’s degree from Montana State. Read more.

Blewett Scholars

Collaboration and Innovation

On March 7, 2014 the MUS Board of Regents formally approved UM’s new Neural Injury Center. A collaboration of units across campus, the center will provide diagnostic and therapeutic support and conduct groundbreaking research into the science of brain injury and treatment. Read more.

Neural Injury Center

Making a Difference,
One Experiment at a Time  

In a lab in the Health Sciences Building, a group of researchers is investigating a common yet understudied illness - Carrión’s disease, a bacterial infection transmitted by sand flies. Their work examines how the bacterium functions in the hopes that it will lead to a vaccine. Overseeing the team is Dr. Mike Minnick, an infectious disease expert and UM professor. Read more.

Hannah Fay and Dr. Mike Minnick
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