Doing the Good Work

By Christian Kiemele, Nelson Weller Intern

Chase Anderson

Chase Anderson, a graduate student pursuing a master’s in business management, has always been driven to do good work. Work that helps others, both in the US and abroad. That work has earned him the Marion McGill Humanitarian Scholarship.

His ambition comes from his childhood. His adoptive mother is a successful, self-taught entrepreneur, who would spend the last few hours of her day helping those in the community who needed a hand.

“That kind of selflessness I saw had a profound impact on who I am,” Andersons says.

Anderson has tried to make a difference through humanitarian efforts. He has built houses in rural Mexico, worked at a research center in the Middle East and taught English in Jordan. He also followed a Syrian refugee for a time, who had become a friend of his, and chronicled his struggles.

“That really taught me to enjoy the peace and happiness I have in life, while I have it,” he says. “If you have something good, don’t let it slip by. Enjoy it while you can.”

This spring he earned the Marion McGill Humanitarian Scholarship, which is awarded to outstanding graduate students in the business school who make significant contributions through humanitarian acts in both their education and their life. Anderson is humbled and grateful for the honor

“That someone wants to help people who work in this field, where you don’t make a lot of money – it just shows me that there are still really amazing people out there.”