A Long Ways From Home

Australian native and Griz basketball star Fabijan Krslovic’s time at UM has led to an “incredible” experience

By Christian Kiemele, Nelson Weller Intern

What brought you to UM from Australia?

Fabijan Krslovic

When Coach Tinkle was still here, he had an assistant that was good friends with one of my coaches back home. So he came over a couple of times to see me play, which was how I made a connection with UM and began the recruitment process with them.

What about UM attracted you?

It’s a really cool environment and a really cool place! I also liked the coaches. The assistant coach that I knew seemed so intelligent and seemed such a good guy. The basketball program as a whole is so successful and was successful before I even came here. With all of that, I actually knew another Australian who was already on the team, Jack Lopez, which was nice to already have someone here that I knew.

What’s your experience at UM been like, both as a student and an athlete?

It’s been incredible! Some of the people I’ve met and relationships I’ve formed, both with students and other players, have just been so great. It’s a different experience, living away from home, that’s so new to me. But, it’s been so good for me as well. Basketball wise, it’s been great! As a team we know we have talent, and going into practice every day with the level of competition that we have on this team has been so much fun.

Fabijan KrslovicYou were selected for the Brian and Karen Sippy Scholarship. What does that mean to you?

I got an email towards the end of last school year saying that I was selected for the scholarship. It’s so cool to know there are outside donors who see enough in you and in the program that they want to donate money and provide that scholarship. It’s a pretty big honor to me to have somebody else invest in me like that.

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