Opportunity is Knocking

UM Students Head to NIKE for Summer Internships

By Christian Kiemele

Skyler Anderson, UM junior and NIKE intern

Once again, NIKE, Inc. has partnered with UM’s School of Business Administration (SoBA) to provide internships to two talented business students.

For the past two years, SoBA students have interned in NIKE’s finance division. This year, a student will also intern in the skateboarding division. Both internships are possible thanks to UM alumni who head those departments: Eric Sprunk ’86 with Finance and Stefanie Strack ’04 with Marketing.

Sprunk, NIKE’s COO, has been an active volunteer with the business school and a generous supporter. He initiated the formal internship relationship between SoBA and NIKE two years ago.

“NIKE’s internship program is highly competitive and rigorous,” says Kathleen Tarkalson, the student services and internship director at SoBA. “These students will definitely work hard and will return with a global understanding of business from one of the best companies in the world.”

UM junior Matthew Belles will be the finance intern this summer. Belles is from Spokane, Washington and is a double major in finance and economics. He interned at Ten Capital Investment Advisors, an investing advising firm in Spokane, last summer.

“I want to get that real-world experience that is top notch, and I don’t think I could find a better place than NIKE to do that,” says Belles.

UM junior Skyler Anderson will be the skateboarding division intern this summer. Anderson is from Fairfield, Montana and is a marketing major.

“I came from a super small town where people went to college and then came home,” says Anderson. “For me, this is proof that I have the ability to go out and accomplish more than that.”

Anderson transferred to UM from Montana State University at the end of last semester.

“I just wasn’t getting the education that I wanted,” says Anderson. “A lot of the professors there are brilliant people, but a lot of them are research based. Here, the professors have gone out and had a career and came back to teach. That real-world knowledge is what I wanted.”

The internships will help set Belles and Anderson ahead of their peers when they graduate and go out into the workforce, Tarkalson says.

“It’s internships like these that prove you can go anywhere you want to go from the University of Montana.”

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