Future Teacher Grasps Her Dreams Thanks to Montana Promise Scholarship

When Elizabeth Finn first visited the UM campus she “fell in love.”
Growing up, the sophomore from Lewistown, Montana, always thought she’d be a Bobcat. Then, she says, a visit to UM in October changed her mind. Like so many others before her, she was struck by the campus’ beauty and won over by the warm, welcoming environment.
“That was it for me,” she said. “I only applied here.”
So far, her UM experience has been wonderful.
“I really like the community on campus and Missoula as a whole. I think the University really cares about its students,” she said. “That makes it a positive experience.”
Montana Promise Scholarship recipientShe’s majoring in social studies teaching with a minor in women’s and gender studies. After graduation, she plans to pursue a master’s degree in educational leadership, teach middle or high school history in Montana, and eventually become a school administrator.
“I just love history, especially American and women’s history. I had some really good teachers growing up who instilled a passion,” she said.
Finn is the recipient of a Mike and Mary McDonough Montana Promise Scholarship, which supports Montana residents who show dedication to their schoolwork and who need financial help to attend college. Montana Promise scholarships are privately funded and can make all the difference for students like Finn, who is financing her education through scholarships, grants, loans and work-study employment.
Her scholarship, she said, helps make both her college education and her career path possible. “I know I’m not going into a profession where I’ll make a lot of money, so any help I can get, to take out fewer loans, is great,” she said.
Visit YouTube.com/TheUMFoundation to hear from more scholarship recipients. To contribute to a Montana Promise Scholarship Fund and help students like Finn succeed, contact one of our development officers.