The Best Advice an Alumnus Can Give

Not long ago, UM Foundation Trustee Emeritus Kent Price ’65, M.A. ’67, sat down with 17 Global Leadership Initiative fellows to share stories of his 50- plus years as a businessman and entrepreneur.

As his talk wound down, Price offered some very practical advice to this next generation of leaders:

“I love everything I do. Don’t do what you don’t enjoy.”

Kent speaks with GLI students.

This piece of wisdom is one of many to emerge from the GLI Models of Leadership series, in which successful leaders talk to students about their opportunities, successes and failures.

“We challenge our fellows to emerge from their college experiences as deeper thinkers with a global perspective,” says Jeanne Loftus, director of the GLI program. “Hearing from leaders with various backgrounds helps students apply their schoolwork to the real world and gives them a perspective on leadership in different contexts.”

GLI is at the heart of President Royce Engstrom’s vision to prepare UM students for careers in the global century. The program is not a course of study but the framework for a student’s academic experience. Global themes guide students’ scholarly choices and integrate their GLI participation with their degree program.

All fellows enroll in a freshman seminar, study abroad or participate in an internship and complete a capstone project. The sophomore year focuses on leadership development.

In a freewheeling discussion that covered his varied career path, the changes he’s seen in his lifetime and how styles of leadership have evolved, Price encouraged students to become omnivores.

“What I hope for each one of you is that you’re as well educated as you can be. That you’re not just studying physics or philosophy — that you’re always learning about new things. It’s not what you’re learning but that you’re learning that matters.”

Price is the president of Parker Price Venture Capital and the chairman of Fluid Inc., a technology company. He has held executive positions in the international banking and manufacturing sectors. At UM, he studied history and political science before attending Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship.

Past GLI speakers include UM Foundation Trustee Jeremy Sauter, marketing consultant for Paramount Pictures; Dan Nguyen, investigative journalist; Chas Cartwright, former superintendent of Glacier National Park; and Don Krumm, former emergency operations director at the U.S. Department of State’s Refugee Bureau.

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