Gift Planning Corner

Receive an Income Tax Deduction and Payments for Life

Creating a charitable gift annuity is a win-win: you give back to UM while receiving payments for life and reducing your taxes. What could be better?

Give Money, Save Money

A portion of your gift annuity payments are not subject to income taxes. Because interest rates are near historic lows, the tax-free portion is particularly high. This advantage can be locked in for your lifetime if you act soon.

Funding a charitable gift annuity has powerful benefits for you:

  • You can receive an income tax deduction and fixed payments for life.
  • If your gift will create an endowment, you may qualify for the Montana Endowment Tax Credit. The credit applies to 40 percent of the charitable value of your contribution, up to $10,000/year for each taxpayer.
  • If you use appreciated stock no immediate capital gains are triggered by funding a charitable gift annuity.

Your gift annuity also has powerful benefits for UM. By committing to an estate gift now, you help us better plan for the future.

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