Dennis and Gretchen Eck celebrate the new entrance to Eck Hall, which opens onto the Oval.

Introducing Dennis and Gretchen Eck Hall

At Homecoming, we celebrated two very special Montanans: Dennis and Gretchen Eck. In August, the Ecks committed $2.2 million to support renovations to the Liberal Arts Building. The couple had already made several generous gifts over the past three years, bringing their total contributions to the project to $8.3 million.

In recognition of their generosity, the University named the southern wing of the building Dennis and
Gretchen Eck Academic Hall.

Dennis Eck stands with Jameel Chaudhry, Campus ArchitectThe Ecks’ gifts have made a huge impact on UM students and faculty. Their support has allowed the College of Humanities and Sciences to overhaul classrooms, install advanced technology, renovate the auditorium, create a new entrance off the Oval and make much-needed infrastructure upgrades. The many students who learn in these spaces will benefit for years to come.

“This modernization of the Liberal Arts Building, without tearing the building down, serves as a proof of concept for upgrading the University’s facilities without changing the campus’s characteristic beauty,” said Dennis. “Gretchen and I are proud to have our name associated with a project that will impact students every day and hope to inspire other donors and the State to support higher education.”