About Us

The University of Montana Foundation’s mission is to inspire philanthropic support to enhance excellence and opportunity at the University of Montana.

We are committed to our vision: the lives we change will change the world.

The Foundation is a separately incorporated 501(c)(3) organization that is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Foundation operates under an agreement with UM that is reviewed and approved by the Montana University System Board of Regents.

In fiscal year 2017, private support for the University of Montana totaled $84.5 million. Of that, $70.6 million came from gifts through the UM Foundation. An additional $13.8 million came through private grants to UM. 

Our core values guide us in all that we do:

We are Intentional
  • We are committed to our mission and vision
  • We set goals and strive to meet them
  • We perform duties in a thoughtful, timely and accurate way

We are Constituent-Centered

  • We embrace the donor experience as our primary focus
  • We respect and appreciate our donors, university community, volunteers and colleagues
  • We are service-oriented
  • We are community-minded

We act with Integrity

  • We are trustworthy and accountable
  • We honor our commitments
  • We operate in a transparent way

We Collaborate and Communicate

  • We consult and coordinate with those affected by our actions
  • We work as a team to overcome challenges
  • We communicate regularly, respectfully and openly

We are Driven to Improve

  • We take ownership for our work and the ultimate success of the Foundation
  • We seek out best practices and creative approaches
  • We learn from our mistakes
  • We strive to grow personally and professionally

We Celebrate Success