Neil S. Bucklew Presidential Service Award

The Neil S. Bucklew Presidential Service Award, established in 1988, honors those individuals or couples who exemplify service and commitment to the University of Montana — advancing its mission on campus and throughout the state of Montana.

The award is named for former UM President Neil Bucklew, who served as president from 1981 through 1986, recognizing his contributions to the University of Montana, Missoula and to the state of Montana. 

Beginning in fall, 2019, the Award will be presented at the UM Foundation's annual President's Club Dinner.

Neil S. Bucklew Presidential Service Award Past Recipients

1988 - Ian Davidson
1989 - Bruce Crippen
1990 - John Ruffatto
1991 - Robert Kelly
1992 - Sherman Lohn
1993 - Jack Dietrich
1994 - Kathy Ogren
1995 - Jack Burke
1996 - Tom Collins
1997 - Tom Boone
1998 - Greg Hanson
1999 - Ernie Corrick
2000 - Phyllis J. Washington
2001 - Bill Bouchee
2002 - Bill Reynolds
2003 - Ann Boone
2004 - John and Katy Delano
2005 - John and Sue Talbot

2006 - Ev and Nikki Sliter
2007 - Charlie Oliver
2008 - Terry Payne
2009 - James and Joy Mariska
2010 - Robert Burke
2011 - Ty Robinson
2012 - Cathy Capps
2013 - Rockwood Brown
2014 - John and Marilyn Olson
2015 - Deborah Doyle McWhinney
2016 - Nelson Weller
2017 - Mike McDonough
2018 - Mickey Sogard
2019 - Gretchen and Dennis Eck
2019 - Eric Sprunk
2020 - Summerfield and Julie Baldridge
2021 - Mary Olson

Mary Olson - 2021 Recipient

Mary and Greg Olson. Mary was honored with the Neil S. Bucklew Presidential Service Award on Sept. 23 at the UM Foundation’s President’s Club Gathering.

Mary Olson was honored with the Neil S. Bucklew Presidential Service Award on Thursday, Sept. 23, at the UM Foundation’s President’s Club Gathering. The award recognizes Olson’s efforts to advance the University’s mission across Montana and her continuous support of UM’s students. 

Olson has demonstrated a deep commitment and service to UM through her volunteer service on the UM Foundation Board of Trustees and her leadership as chair during the quiet phase of Campaign Montana. Olson has also served on the UM President’s Advisory Board and the College of Business Advisory Council. Since she and her husband Greg made their first gift to UM in 1986, they have become steadfast supporters. Their philanthropy funds scholarships that assist College of Business students in earning their degrees and launching fulfilling careers. Olson’s service extends into lecturing to business classes, mentoring students and volunteering for various organizations in the business community. 
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